It is not the size that matters, but the strength of the mosaic.

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 of you lurking
vgjvaj sent: Do you know what happened to east-asia-guys?

sorry, I’m outta the loop.

you guys aren't in the same weight class... 
I don't think this is real wrestling...
hotcuteasianboys sent: Imagine you won a trip to any country for vacations, where would you go and what would you do there?

"New Zealand, Belgium, or Peru" is not an answer that pertains to this blog in the slightest and neither is "visit friends" but hey, what can you do?

akashichi sent: hi! what's men's camp official website? I've tried searching for it but i can't find it. thank you :)) p.s. i love your tumblr


one of the more obscure company urls, it’s understandably a hard one to try guessing. 


disjointed-unit sent: you're pretty entertaining tbh. 10/10 for effort. thanks for being rad and uploading/replying to ppl. have a awesome day uwu.

This is almost a perfect compliment so I wish I could just take it graciously as it is, but… I really don’t want y’all to have any illusions about the amount of effort I put in to this… honestly, I’m sitting at a pretty steady 2 out of 10 over here. I could do better. I could do a lot better. It’s kind of funny how I still manage to come off as a try-hard at my current level of apathy, though.