It is not the size that matters, but the strength of the mosaic.

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 of you lurking
let's talk about these two cuties with their matching outfits
and couple rings discovering that one of them is quite ticklish
this scene was boring but i'm 
not gonna act like i gif'd it for no reason
unicorn-turds sent: Who is that guy who was supposed to jerk off solo but then did the camera man? It was on page 5.

With Men’s Camp (the company that video is from) he calls himself Daisuke, but with KO company he calls himself Satoshi…  


I don’t know why he wants to make himself difficult for me to tag, i really don’t. 

"Were you calling out my name?"
kingdom-of-homosexuality sent: Could I request a new year present? If so, could I please get some bondage jgv links to watch online?

new years presents are not a thing that happens

reindeer sleighed 

Tsubasa Request (with some koh thrown in there too)

malformed-box sent: No request, just wanted to say thanks for all your amazing hard work. <3

That’s sweet and I really appreciate it, thank you! ♥

But if you guys don’t request stuff I won’t have anything to post… lol 

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.